10 most serious accidents in motor sports

10 most serious accidents in motor sports

Fernando Alonso in F1 race

The Spaniard suffered the worst crash of his career in the GP of Australia, however thankfully he was safe.

This clash with Gutierrez spun him rollovers and Alonso state that “it is more severe than Brazil in 2003”.

Fernando Alonso in Australia had suffered the worst accident of his professional career as a Formula 1 chauffeur on lap 18 of the very first GP of the year. The Spaniard was running at an excellent pace after leaving the pits a couple of laps before and fought with Esteban Gutierrez for the twelfth. The best news is that both were unimpaired.

These are the 10 most major mishaps of Alonso:

  1. San Marino Grand Prix 2001. He spent above the Imola circuit and broke the tires.
  2. In 2003, at Brazilian Grand Prix Alonso had an accident that has always been considered the most serious mishap of his career up until now. The Spaniard took the car to stay ahead of Webber and then there was collision of wheel. Asturiano’s automobile flashed the tires, but because of the heavy blow he had to leave on a stretcher and was taken to a healthcare facility. The race was settled and he completed the third.
  3. Monaco Grand Prix 2004. When this was going to fold, Ralf Schumacher Alonso did not miss out on. It was in conflict with Trulli to win the race and the Spaniard hit the barriers of the tunnel.
  4. 2007 Japanese Grand Prix Vettel struck Alonso’s automobile in a race marked by rain and fog. This caused few issues to his vehicle and a few laps later left the track.
  5. Brazilian Grand Prix 2009. Adrian Sutil took him ahead after a coming together with Trulli and Alonso was forced to leave.
  6. Monaco Grand Prix 2010. Alonso crashed into the barriers on the curve that provides the right to the entryway of the Casino Square and smashed the ideal side of the chassis. It was the qualification round.
  7. 2012 Belgian Grand Prix was placed 4th tracing positions at the start, but Grosjean and Hamilton blew both rammed up the car of Alonso. The French vehicle grazed his head.
  8. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2013. On leaving boxing discovered a Toro Rosso. There was a collision. He got a strong impact on the back for which he had to go through the health center.
  9. Test 2015. Montmelo McLaren went off the asphalt without evident reason and Alonso crashed against the wall. He was knocked unconscious; in the first moments did not respond and the sport fans feared the worst. It was a number of weeks off and he could not participate in the GP of Australia.
  10. Grand Prix of Australia 2016. Alonso had actually conceded the worst accident of his profession. It was rolling over 300 kilometers per hour and had been able to save a life in spite of taking 2 rollovers. When trying to surpass and finished crashed in protection, he struck Esteban GutiƩrrez.

Above are 10 most dangerous and nasty accidents in motor sport.