Twenty-Twenty cricket matches: A brief history of cricket

Twenty-Twenty cricket matches: A brief history of cricket

Twenty-twenty matches have brought the excellent popularity of cricket. When cricket had actually started as test matches, very few individuals had an interest in seeing a game of 5 days. Many times we might not get the outcome of the game, after the full play of the 5 days of cricket!

In this quick-moving world, where individuals do not have enough time to do important things, there is no point in viewing a game of a couple of days when there is no warranty even to get the outcome. There is a saying-Winning or losing is a common thing in a game. However, it is not true in regard to the longer version of cricket.

So let’s take a look at the brief history of cricket. In 1975, the idea “One Day” game was presented. At that time, one-day matches were of 60 overs each. Sometimes it happened so, if disruptions such as rains take place sometimes there was no possibility of conducting the match. In the beginning of cricket, even an over consisted of 8 balls. Later, the balls by the least number dropped to 6 and the overs of a One Day global matches were fixed at 50.

One day cricket games have ended up being more popular than test matches ever were. They might have been tenable with uncommon exceptions of outcomes. However, still, people were not watching the game. Many individuals began to see the matches of the 2nd half when the other team is batting to go after the target. So there was no requirement to have a fast game even for a shorter period. In test matches and ODIs, there was much room to play the offending game, and long-term batting was necessary.

But when Twenty-Twenty cricket was first introduced in 2007, it brought its genuine appeal of a faster and shorter version of the game. The general public started to see 4s and 6s flying through the soil over a game of Twenty-Twenty or also known as T-20. Now there are eleven batsmen to play in twenty times off, every batter bunts quick cricket. It brings a greater deal of enjoyment to the spectators. The game is finished in 3 or 4 hours. So, Twenty-Twenty matches have ended up being an action motion picture with duration of 3 or 4 hours.